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Pharmaq Analytiq initiates the SmoltVision analysis in Canada

Pharmaq Analytiq's smolt analysis SmoltVision will now be available locally in Canada at Biovet’s reference veterinary diagnostic laboratory in St-Hyacinthe, QC. The lab has many CFIA and USDA accredited analyses, as well as ISO17025 certification.


SmoltVision is a realtime RT-PCR based analysis for determining the smoltification status of Atlantic salmon. Transferring the smolt at the correct time is a key factor in producing a robust smolt and in giving the fish a good start at sea. A robust smolt will be more resistant to disease and have a better response to vaccines. This is important for the overall performance of the fish, and for the end result at harvest.

SmoltVision analyses three genes closely related to changes taking place in the gills of the fish during the smoltification process. We analyze the individual level of freshwater ATPase and seawater ATPase present in the gills during the smoltification process to give exact information on how the fish is smoltifying. In addition, we also analyze a co-factor that functions as a gill health indicator and can give additional information about suboptimal water quality or gill damage that can affect the smoltification process of the fish. The analysis can also be used as a means to understand if osmoregulation or gill damage are contributing to poor performance in groups of fish transferred to sea that are not performing as expected.

Our customers in Canada have previously been sending SmoltVision samples to Norway to be analyzed. Major couriers that operate within Canada have next-day services available to Biovet's laboratory from many locations within Canada. This cooperation with Biovet in Canada makes it possible to have a shorter delivery time of results, enabling SmoltVision to be used as a key decision-making tool.

PHARMAQ Analytiq will be still be responsible for advising and reporting on results, which will be made available through PHARMAQ's customer web portal. The Pharmaq team will be available for further explanations and presentations of the analysis to secure knowledge and quality in all the stages leading to the final result of the SmoltVision analysis.

Please contact Michael Ness, Aquaculture Technical Support and Account Manager, for assistance with sampling and/or acquiring kits, shipment logistics or for any further advice/support.

Michael Ness, MSc
Aquaculture Technical Support and Account Manager
+1 (604) 751- 2816 |


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