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Cleaner fish

The use of cleaner fish to control salmon lice is the aim of many organisations in the industry, and  lumpfish and ballan wrasse production has become a growth industry. In order to make optimal use of the potential of cleaner fish, it is vital that they are free of infection, both in the interests of the health and welfare of the fish themselves, and also to protect the salmon with which they share the net pens. For this reason, the monitoring and control of pathogens is crucial if we are to guarantee a robust and rapidly growing cleaner fish sector. We are working continuously to develop tools for monitoring the presence, spread and impacts of pathogens in cleaner fish farming so that appropriate measures can be put in place.

Photo of lumpfish

Summary of projects/research focus

Pasteurella sp.

Atypical furunculosis

Different species of Vibrio

Cleaner fish and AGD

New disease agents

Stian Nylund
R&D Manager

Cleaner fish monitoring programme

PHARMAQ Analytiq offers a range of analyses for the detection of relevant pathogens that may affect cleaner fish.

Relevant research

Sykdom og parasitter i vill og oppdrettet rognkjeks

Rensefiskhelse - kartlegging av dødelighet og dødelighetsårsaker

Diseases of north European wrasse (Labridae) and possible interactions with cohabited farmed salmon, Salmo salar L.

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